AMS Healthcare 2020-21 Grants, Awards & Fellowships

AMS Healthcare is inviting applications for its History of Medicine and Healthcare Grants and Fellowships, including the Doctoral Completion Award, Project Grant, and Postdoctoral Fellowship. The purpose of this program is to promote scholarship, teaching and public interest in the history of healthcare, disease and medicine. New application deadline:  July 22, 2020, 4:00 PM (AT) To learn more, visit: 

Postdoctoral Fellowship in the History of Medicine/Stage Postdoctoral en histoire de la médecine

POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP in History of Medicine at the University of Ottawa (2019-2020) The University of Ottawa, Faculty of Medicine, invites applications for a one-year postdoctoral fellowship in History of Medicine, renewable for a second year, to begin September 1, 2019. We welcome applications from candidates who hold a Ph.D. or equivalent degree in History and

AMS Grants and Fellowships: Deadline May 2nd

AMS Healthcare: History of Medicine Grants and Fellowships In 2019-20 AMS Healthcare is offering three funding opportunities. A project grant, postdoctoral fellowship and doctoral completion award. The purpose of these funding opportunities is to promote scholarship, teaching and public interest in history of healthcare, disease and medicine. Deadline for applications is May 2, 2019. To learn more about these

Advance Practice History Research Scholar Award

New Bjoring Center Grant for Historical Research on Nurse Practitioners The Eleanor Crowder Bjoring Center for Nursing Historical Inquiry (ECBCNHI) is announcing the Advance Practice History Research Scholar Award. The goal of this research award is to disseminate scholarship regarding advance practice nursing to an international audience. By strengthening relationships and collaborations to increase access

AMS Doctoral Completion Award/Bourse Pour Finir Sa Thèse

Applications are now being accepted for the AMS Doctoral Completion Award!  The AMS Doctoral Completion award exists to support full-time dissertation writing leading to dissertation completion for a doctoral student in the humanities or social sciences, writing on a history of medicine/health care topic. For more information please visit the NSHRF website. Applications are due

The Karyn and Terrance Holm Visiting Scholar Award

More information available here! The award is designed to create opportunities for researchers from across the country and around the world to utilize the Midwest Nursing History Research Center’s collections as well as other Chicago-area nursing and healthcare archives. The selected scholar will receive a travel and lodging stipend of up to $1,500. Application Instructions

Karen Buhler-Wilkerson Faculty Research Fellowship For Historical Research in Nursing

PDF Directions for Applicants The Barbara Bates Center for the Study of the History of Nursing offers a fellowship of up to $4,000 to faculty from all disciplines from colleges and universities, to support historical research in nursing and healthcare. Selection of faculty fellows will be based on evidence of preparation and/or productivity in historical