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CNA position paper on Promoting the History of Nursing
Promoting Nursing History -2004 (PDF)
La mise en valeur de l’histoire des soins infirmiers -2004 (PDF)

Guide to Canadian Nursing Archival Resources
Principal Investigator: Diana Mansell
This national guide to nursing historical resources is the product of a national survey of nursing resources in Canadian archives, museums, and professional nursing organizations.The project began with a national mail survey to all known archives and museums to determine their nursing archival holdings. Next, various nursing organizations, nursing educational institutions, associte/affiliate nursing groups, and employment agencies were surveyed by telephone and e-mail. The third step was the identification of private and semiprivate records and collections. Finally, the information from these surveys was collated to produce this national guide to nursing historical resource material. The surveys were conducted with the help of research assistant Nicole Brown during the summer of l999. This guide is made available to nurses and historians studying the history of Canadian nursing, effective May 2002.

Guide to Canadian Nursing Archival Resources: PDF | Word

Canadian Journal of Nursing Leadership Guide for Reviewers
Qualitative proposals (Word | PDF)
Quantitative proposals (Word | PDF)
Position Papers, Innovations and other Non-research Papers (Word | PDF)

The CAHN/ACHN 18th annual History of Nursing Conference, held on June 8-10, 2006 at historic St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver B.C., was a great success. One of the highlights of the conference were the presentations given by the keynote speakers. Our own Glennis Zilm gave a wonderful paper titled Florence’s Web. Because of many requests, she has kindly summarized some of the key points from her presentation.

History of Medicine Holdings. European Union Archives at the University of Pittsburgh (PDF)
The University of Pittsburgh has recently acquired the entire European Union Archives from its Washington DC embassy consisting of millions of primary documents. Many of these documents will be of interest to history of medicine scholars working in the post-1960 period.

CAHN/ACHN International Nursing History Conference, Toronto, June 5-7, 2008:
Program and Abstracts (PDF, 81 pages)
Conference Report 2008 (PDF, 4 pages

Nova Scotia Nursing History Group