Each year CAHN/ACHN invites a recognised scholar of nursing history to present a keynote lecture on his/her expertise.  This lecture is named in honour of Dr. Jason Hannah, the founder of Canada’s first physician-sponsored not-for-profit healthcare organisation, Associated Medical Services (AMS). AMS has generously provided financial support for this lecture series since 2004.

Past Speakers:

2018: Janet Greenlees, Senior Lecturer Social Sciences, Media & Journalism (history); Senior Director Centre for the Social History of Health & Healthcare, Glasgow, Caledonian University

“To develop the “habit” : Nurses and prenatal care for poor women in the United States and Great Britain, c. 1880-1939″

Audio file available here!

2017: Karen Flynn, University of Illinois, Urban-Champaign

“‘Hotel Refuses Negro Nurse’: Gloria Clarke Bayis and the Queen Elizabeth Hotel”

2016: Linda Bryder, University of Auckland

“Multiple Pathways to Nursing Scholarship”

2015: Christine Hallett, Manchester University

“Le Petit Paradis Des Blessés: Nurses, Nursing and Internationalism on the Western Front (1915-1918)”

2014: Juanita De Barros, McMaster University

“Maternal and Infant Health Policy in the British Caribbean”

2013: Barbara Mann Wall, University of Pennsylvania

“Disasters, Nursing, and Community Responses: A Historical Perspective”

2012: Carol Helmstadter, University of Toronto

“Military Nursing in Four Different Contexts: The Crimean War, 1853-56”

2011: Pat D’Antionio, University of Pennsylvania

“Exploring People and Places in the History of Nursing”

2010: Sioban Nelson, University of Toronto

“The Nightingale Imperative: Icons, Imaginations and Nursing Identity”

2009: Judith Walzer Leavitt, University of Wisconsin, Maddison

“Make Room for Daddy: Men and Childbirth in Mid-Twentieth Century United States”

2008: Catherine Choy, University of California, Berkeley

“Nurses on the Move: Migration in Nursing and Health Care History”

and Katrin Schultheiss, University of Illinois, Chicago

“Religion, Citizenship, and the Transformation of the Nursing Profession in France”

2007: Maureen Lux, Brock University

“Segregated and Isolated: Institutional Health Care for Aboriginal People in Post-World War II”

2006: Dianne Dodd, Historian National Historic Sites Directorate

“Nurses and the Creation of Historic Memory”

and Glennis Zilm, University of British Columbia

“‘Florence’s Web’: Links that help discover, preserve, and disseminate nursing history”

2005: Margarete Sandelowisky, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

“What Things Contribute to the History of Nursing”

2004: Daniel Hickey, University of Moncton

“Care and Prayer: Women’s Religious Orders and Hospital Service in France 1658-1880/Soigner et prier: les religieuses hospitalières et leur oeuvre en France 1658-1880”