Geneviève McCready, PhD Student, Nursing History Research Unit/ l’Unité de recherche sur l’histoire du nursing de l’université d’Ottawa, supervisor Dr. Marie-Claude Thifault, for the project: Soigner le corps social : savoirs des infirmières francophones soutenues par le Clergé catholique et oeuvrant dans les communautés du Canada (1934-1959). [The project explores the influence and role of the Catholic Church on changes in nursing beyond institutions and in the development of community-based care, specifically, for the time period 1934-1959.]

David Hrag Yacoubian, PhD Student, School of Nursing, UBC, supervisor Dr. Geertje Boschma, for the project: Canadian Nurses’ Global-Transnational Leadership to Confront Genocide: The Case of the Armenian Genocide [Le direction des infirmières Canadienne en cas d’affronter genocide: Le cas du génocide Armenienne].


The Dr. Margaret Allemang Scholarship for the History of Nursing Award will be given to Eliza Richardson for “For Whom Neither Spouse Nor Child Shall Mourn”: The Postwar Lives of the Canadian Army Medical Corps Nursing Sisters.” Her research looks at the demobilization of Canadian Nursing Sisters from 1918/19 to the end of their association with the Canadian Pension Board to better understand how they experienced life after the First World War. Richardson is a first year doctoral student in the department of History at Wilfrid Laurier University under the supervision of Dr. Mark Humphries.

Past Winners:
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2016: Jordan Katz, Columbia University (History)

Wise Woman: Gender, Religion, Medicine, and the Boundaries of Knowledge in Early Modern Europe

David Yacoubian, University of British Columbia (MSN)

Humanitarian Relief Efforts of Canadian Missionary Nurses during the Armenian Genocide, 1915-1925

2015: Catherine Haney, University of British Columbia (PhD Nursing)

Nurses and their Work in Canadian Abortion Services, 1960s to 1990s

2014: Sherri Caputo, University of British Columbia (MSN)

A Social History on Licensed Practical Nurse Development in Western Canada

Denise Pasieka, University of Alberta (MSN)

A Snapshot of the History of the Development of Nursing Research at the Faculty of Nursing, University of Alberta, 1980- 2000

2013: Heather Graham, University of Manitoba (PhD)

All in a Day’s Work: A History of the Manitoba Nurses Union, 1953-1991

2012: Lydia Wytenbroek, York University (PhD History)

Nurses and physicians associated with the Presbyterian Mission to Iran from 1871 to 1960

2011: Michelle Filice, Wilfrid Laurier University (History)

The Frater Soldiers: Male Nursing-Orderlies in the Royal Canadian Medical Corps, 1939-1967

Helen Vandenberg, University of British Columbia (PhD Nursing)

The History of the Healthcare Organization for Populations from Japan, China and India in British Columbia, 1880-1920

2010: Jaime Lapeyre, University of Toronto (PhD Nursing)

History of the League of Red Cross Societies (LRCS) International Public Health Nursing Course and the Rockefeller Foundation (RF) international fellowship program for nurses

Brandi Vanderspank-Wright, University of Ottawa (PhD Nursing)

History of Canadian Intensive Care Unit nursing

2009: Margaret Scalia, University of Victoria (PhD Nursing)

Nurses, working women, 1950s-60s

2007: Mary Jane McCallum, University of Manitoba

Aboriginal nursing history in Canada during three periods: 1900-1945; l950s-l960s; and l969-1989

Shaina Goudie, Memorial University

The changes in nursing education in Newfoundland after 1966, the year the BScN programme was established at Memorial University

2006: Chris Dooley, York University

Gender, work, skill and the occupational culture of psychiatric nurses in western Canada, 1930-1975

2005: no award

2004: no award

2003: Sonya Grypma, University of Alberta (PhD Nursing)

Healing Honan: Canadian nurses at the North China Mission, 1888 – 1945

2002: Florence Melchoir, University of Calgary (PhD Nursing)

Nursing student labour, education, and patient care at the Medicine Hat General Hospital, Alberta, 1890-1930

2001: Marion McKay, University of Manitoba

Saints and sanitarians: The role of women’s voluntary agencies in the development of Winnipeg’s public health system, 1882-1945

2000: no award

1999: Veryl Tipliski, University of Manitoba

Parting at the crossroads: The development of education for psychiatric nursing in three Canadian provinces, 1909-1955

1998: Cynthia Toman, University of Ottawa

Crossing the technological line: Blood transfusion and the art and science of nursing, l942-1990