New Vera Roberts Archival Research Guides Now Available

Dr. Helen Vandenberg, University of Saskatchewan, College of Nursing, and team completed two projects funded through the Canadian Association for the History of Nursing (CAHN/ACHN) Vera Roberts research grant: Vandenberg, H., Boschma, G., McBain, L., Meijer Drees, L., McCulloch, M., & Gallagher-Cohoon, E. (2016). Guide to Archival Resources for Outpost Nursing and Remote Hospital History

New Book: Lyle Creelman: The Frontiers of Global Nursing

by Susan Armstrong-Reid This intriguing scholarly biography examines the important contributions of Canada’s foremost international nurse, Lyle Creelman. Creelman parlayed her experience as a community health nurse in British Columbia into significant international appointments with two organizations undertaking massive responsibility for health tasks in the post-war period – first, as chief nurse of the British

Infirmières de colonie

CAHN/ACHN is excited to announce a new book by Nicole Rousseau and Johanne Daigle based on several interviews with nurses who worked in the regions of Gaspésie, Abitibi and the North Shore.

New Book: A cultural history of the nurse’s uniform

 A cultural history of the nurse’s uniform By Christina Bates This first and only in-depth analysis of the attire worn by the largest workforce in the health care system explores the role of the nurse’s uniform in creating nursing identity for over a hundred years. For ordering information and more information about the author: Cultural history of a nurse’s uniform

New Book: China Interrupted Japanese Internment and the Reshaping of a Canadian Missionary Community

China Interrupted: Japanese Internment and the Reshaping of a Canadian Missionary Community Sonya Grypma Book Description China Interrupted is the story of the richly interwoven lives of Canadian missionaries and their China-born children (mishkids), whose lives and mission were irreversibly altered by their internment as “enemy aliens” of Japan from 1941 to 1945. Over three hundred