CAHN 2024 Conference Call for Papers


Nursing Crossroads: Action, Inaction, and Reaction


Annual Meeting of CAHN Halifax, NS
21-23 June 2024

The Canadian Association for the History of Nursing invites submissions for its annual conference. The theme for the 2024 meeting, “Nursing Crossroads”, encourages contributions that focus on the intersections between nursing history and other historiographies, including women’s history, education history, the history of labour, and others. We are also interested in submissions that address how other health care providers interacted with nursing labour. The organizing committee especially welcomes proposals that are attentive to the ways in which nurses reacted to a rapidly changing health care environment, including the measures they took and the obstacles they faced. The Organizing Committee also welcomes proposals that focus on the full spectrum of healthcare history, including research that examines front-line caregivers, academics, administrators, professional leaders, patients, racialized groups, and Indigenous people.

We welcome panel proposals and individual papers which consider a variety of topics relating to the history of nursing, and which offer new approaches to historical inquiry, including how we best communicate our findings to the broadest possible community. Speakers should expect to give a presentation in French or English of no more than 20 minutes in length, followed by 10 minutes of questions and discussion. All participants and attendees are required to register for the conference and to be a member of CAHN.

Paper proposals should be no more than 300 words, plus a short biographical statement (max. 150 words). Panel proposals should be no more than 500 words and include paper titles for each contributor, as well as biographical information for the panelists. Limited funding may be available for students. Proposals must be submitted to the 2024 Organizing Committee before 1 December 2023 c/o