Vicky Bach Fonds Now Available

The Vicky Bach Fonds are now available at the McMaster Health Sciences Library.  Vicky Bach was a clinical nurse specialist with expertise in gerontology, medicine, and palliative care.  Each year at the CAHN conference the Vicky Bach Award is awarded to the best student paper. The Vicky Bach collection features records documenting Vicky Bach’s nursing career. Fonds

New Vera Roberts Archival Research Guides Now Available

Dr. Helen Vandenberg, University of Saskatchewan, College of Nursing, and team completed two projects funded through the Canadian Association for the History of Nursing (CAHN/ACHN) Vera Roberts research grant: Vandenberg, H., Boschma, G., McBain, L., Meijer Drees, L., McCulloch, M., & Gallagher-Cohoon, E. (2016). Guide to Archival Resources for Outpost Nursing and Remote Hospital History