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The idea was raised at our last conference to discuss issues related to available funding for the practice of nursing and health history. Do you any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions? Please post them here.


  1. Jaime Lapeyre

    Dear CAHN-ACHN members and interested individuals,

    In order to continue the discussion related to funding issues in the field of history, and nursing history more specifically, this discussion board has been established.

    Please feel free to join in the discussion or provide updates or information that may be of benefit to those involved.

    Jaime Lapeyre, PhD (c)
    CAHN member

  2. Jaime Lapeyre

    Hello again,

    This survey has been circulated within the CAHN-ACHN executive membership and I thought I would share it more widely in order to generate a greater response to recent changes in the national funding available for the study of history. As many of you may know SSHRC is increasingly resistant in providing funding for social science-based research (including studies in the area of health). Therefore projects related to the history of health/nursing/medicine will increasingly rely on CIHR funding. In order to ensure that history retains a place within these funding bodies it is vital that we voice our concerns. The following survey from CIHR is one mechanisms for this, please see the information below:

    As part of its commitment to accountability and transparency toward Canadians, CIHR’s Governing Council is commissioning an International Review of CIHR. This comprehensive review process will commence in February 2011 with reviews of CIHR’s Institutes and will conclude in March 2011 with a review of CIHR as a whole. The purpose of the review will be to obtain rigorous, authoritative and objective advice on how effectively CIHR is fulfilling its mandate.

    The review will be conducted by a prestigious panel of international experts, chaired by Dr. Elias Zerhouni, former Director of the US National Institutes of Health. Various sources of evidence will inform the International Review Panel deliberations, including internal assessments, interviews with key stakeholders, and open and targeted surveys.

    To voice your views and opinions on CIHR’s performance, and to comment on areas of improvement, we invite you to complete an online open submission questionnaire to be accessible from our website starting October 27th, 2010. The website will be open until midnight on November 23, 2010, Eastern Time.
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    In addition to the above questionnaire, CIHR is conducting a comprehensive survey to assess its core business practices. This survey will be sent to CIHR applicants, grantees, peer reviewers, Vice Presidents and Directors of Research. Results from both surveys will be provided to the International Review Panel. Your participation in either one of these two surveys is critical for the International Review process.

    For more information about the 2011 International Review, please visit our website.
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    Thank you for your time and participation.

    Alain Beaudet, M.D., Ph.D.
    President of CIHR

  3. Cynthia Toman

    The major granting agencies continue to be a challenge for historians working in the nursing history field. There has been pressure on CIHR and SSHRC about where health history fits … and rumour has it that CIHR may be more open to funding historical research this year . Maybe we should keep pushing the envelope on this ? Get as many applications to them as seems feasible?

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