“Bads” in Healthcare Conference Programme Now Available

A conference organized in co-operation with the European Association for the History of Nursing and the European Journal for the History of Nursing and Nursing Ethics. The conference proposes to look closely at “bads” in the history of nursing, midwifery and other professions in healthcare. What shaped the perception of bad care? Who was held responsible

New First World War Nursing Online Exhibit

The HSC Archives/Museum has launched a new online exhibit that commemorates the graduates from the Winnipeg General Hospital and Children’s Hospital Schools of Nursing who served as Nursing Sisters during the First World War.  The project was funded by the Province of Manitoba and the generosity of the Nurses’ Alumni Association of the Winnipeg General

AMS Doctoral Completion Award/Bourse Pour Finir Sa Thèse

Applications are now being accepted for the AMS Doctoral Completion Award!  The AMS Doctoral Completion award exists to support full-time dissertation writing leading to dissertation completion for a doctoral student in the humanities or social sciences, writing on a history of medicine/health care topic. For more information please visit the NSHRF website. Applications are due